April 2012

Dear Reader–

Just saw my May book on the store shelf. Love the cover! Really stands out. Seeing a book in the store for the first time is always exciting, but this one is also bittersweet.

While working on HOLDING OUT FOR DOCTOR PERFECT I got a call that my husband was in the emergency room. He had an aortic aneurysm and almost didn’t make it. During that traumatic and scary time writing was my sanctuary, a place I could go to forget just for a while. He’s doing great now! We just got back from a two week cruise to Hawaii.

I have a challenge for you. After reading the book, see if you can tell which chapter I was working on when I got that heart-stopping call.

Hope you enjoy!

Teresa Southwick

♦ National Readers Choice Finalist for CINDY’S DOCTOR CHARMING

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