March 2012

Dear Reader,

Winter appears to be coming to an end in Las Vegas after two days of newsworthy winds took out power to about five thousand homes. So I guess you could say March did come in roaring like a lion. But, coincidentally, my plot group (incredibly talented writers) happened to be in town so it could have been all that collective, creative energy blowing dust and bending trees.

Five of us–Maureen Child, Christine Rimmer, Kate Carlisle, Susan Mallery and me–get together twice a year to talk about our story ideas and flesh them out into books. It’s brain draining work balanced by a little liquor and lots of laughs.

HOLDING OUT FOR DOCTOR PERFECT is a product of this semi-annual work/fun fest and will be available in May, 2012. I hope you’ll look for it.

Happy Reading!

Teresa Southwick

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