June 2011

Dear Reader,

Does anyone else feel as if this last winter was longer, colder, and wetter than usual?  On the upside, the wetter part means help for the drought here in Las Vegas.  Also on the upside I was able to take two cruises to warm places—Hawaii in December and Mexico in April.  My souvenir is an extra five pounds that settled in and doesn’t want to leave.  But summer is here and that’s a good thing.

I’m very excited to have two books coming out during “beach read” season.  The first is an anthology with Kasey Michaels called A SUMMER REUNION.  TO HAVE THE DOCTOR’S BABY is Book Two in the current Men of Mercy Medical Series.  Both books are July releases and should be on the shelf any day now.  I hope you’ll look for them.

In two weeks I’ll be leaving for New York and the Romance Writers of America conference.  I’m looking forward to that and afterwards will be staying on to spend the 4th of July with family in New Jersey.  Should be a blast, no pun intended.

Whatever you do this summer, I hope it’s fabulous, fun and relaxing.  Wishing you lots of wonderful reading.

All the Best,
Teresa Southwick

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