Dear Reader—

The question I’m asked most frequently is where my book ideas come from.  And the answer I always give is: Everywhere.  Newspapers.  Magazines.  Talking with friends.  Often readers will ask if I’m planning a book for a secondary character.  And sometimes I’ll write a character without any intention of spinning off their story then realize it needs to be told.

That’s what happened with the heroine in THE WIDOW’S BACHELOR BARGAIN.  Maggie Potter first appeared in THE DOCTOR AND THE SINGLE MOM.  She was the widow of a soldier killed in Afghanistan and pregnant with the child he would never see.  Originally she was only going to be in that story but Maggie took on a life of her own and it became very important to me that she find her happy ending.

I love to hear from readers.  Let me know if there’s a character who you think needs to be a hero or heroine in a book all their own.

Happy Reading!
Teresa Southwick

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