Dear Reader—

I love books and movies, probably in that order.  Watching movie credits is a habit now because often the story came from a book and I’ve found a lot of good ones this way.  It’s exciting when a story I love is turned into a big screen project and fun to see whether or not Hollywood does it justice.  More often than not the book is better, but when a story comes to life and  perfect casting puts a face on my mental image of a beloved character, it’s pure magic.

The best example I can give, my opinion only, of the flawless blending of these two art forms is TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD.  If you haven’t already read it, you should.  I saw the movie again recently and still love it.  Another good example is GONE WITH THE WIND.  I know there are many more.  What are some of your favorite books turned into movies?

Happy Reading!
Teresa Southwick

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